Urban Plunge

 My Brother’s Keeper is a vibrant, welcoming Christian ministry in Easton and Dartmouth, Massachusetts which delivers furniture and food to local families in need.  In early January they offer the Urban Plunge, a unique learning experience for students from Notre Dame, Stonehill and Providence College.  The Plunge has three goals: (1) to allow students to experience and learn for themselves the problems of injustice, poverty, and apathy in the urban areas of the U.S., (2) to increase awareness of and contact with persons who are working to improve these situations, and (3) to gain fresh insights into issues related to the college experience and future study, work, and goals.  The Urban Plunge experience emphasizes direct service to & contact with those in need because the people we serve are our best teachers.  Each day begins with Mass and consists of deliveries of furniture and food. At night, there are reflections on the day’s events as it relates to the Gospel.

For more information on the Urban Plunge, please contact Campus Ministry at chaplain@providence.edu or 401.865.2216.