Prayer and Devotions

Prayer and Devotions is students providing prayer opportunities for our fellow Friars!  Our goal is to give varied opportunities to engage the enriching forms of prayer the Church offers and to reach out with over-arching prayer events to give students a chance to bring God into their day in even small ways.  Weekly, we invite everyone to come say the Rosary with us every Monday after the 9pm Mass and we also make sure there is always someone present with the Blessed Sacrament during regular Adoration in St. Dominic’s chapel.  We also hold different special events, like saint parties held on feast days to share info about different saints like St. Catherine of Siena and Our Lady of the Rosary or something more all-encompassing like Pause in the Grotto, where we set up candles in the grotto in front of the chapel so students can light a candle and say a prayer, such as for our veterans on Veteran’s Day.  We also sponsor one 24-hour Adoration each semester and will be having Praise and Worship holy hours to bring our campus community closer to Christ in the Eucharist, a unique devotion we have access to as a Catholic school.  Overall, we hope to give PC students whatever stepping stones they may need for the point they’re at in their spiritual journey to bring them closer to Christ.

Want to get involved? Contact Branan Durbin.