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Reserving St. Dominic Chapel

Requesting A Temporary Reservation

After you have reviewed the Wedding Policy, you may contact the Wedding Consultant to make a temporary reservation for your wedding date.  This must be done at least six months in advance, but no more than eighteen months in advance.  The Wedding Consultant will then send the Temporary Reservation form and an Agreement form for your officiating Priest/Deacon to sign.

Confirming A Reservation

To confirm a reservation for the date, you must submit the following items within thirty (30) days from the date of the Temporary Reservation form:

  • Completed Temporary Reservation Form
  • Written permission (on church letterhead) from the Pastor of your parish to celebrate your wedding in St. Dominic Chapel.
  • The signed Agreement form from the officiating Priest/Deacon, signifying that he will secure and provide all of the church documentation papers according to the marriage guidelines of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence, and abide by the procedures outlined in the wedding policy.
  • A check payable to Providence College in the amount of $300.00, a non-refundable, tax-deductible contribution to the College.  (Please include both of your names and the date/time of your wedding on the check.)
  • All persons reserving St. Dominic Chapel for a wedding must use our Wedding Consultant/Sacristan and Director of Liturgical Music.  Please note that there will be separate fees for the services of an organist, a vocalist (or vocalists), and any other musicians for your wedding, payable directly to them before the wedding takes place.  Only musicians and vocalists affiliated with St. Dominic Chapel may play or sing.

When these five items have been received by the Wedding Consultant, we will permanently reserve and confirm, in writing, the date and time you have requested.