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Logos, the Newsletter of the Office of Mission and Ministry

Welcome to LOGOS, the newsletter of the Office of Mission and Ministry at Providence College.

The ancient Greek word, λóγος, had two common meanings, reason and word. St. John the Evangelist added a third when he used it in his Gospel and letters to refer to Jesus as the incarnate Word, the second Person of the Holy Trinity. It thus seemed a fitting title for this newsletter. For the Office of Mission and Ministry, charged as it is with maintaining and enhancing the Catholic and Dominican identity of the College, is committed to establishing a dialogue between faith and reason, and to using the spoken and written word to deepen our knowledge and experience of the Word.

Each issue will include news from campus including recent and upcoming events sponsored by the Center for Catholic and Dominican Studies and the Office of the Chaplain/Campus Ministry. We will also provide reflections on the life and person of St. Dominic and on issues affecting the church, society, and Catholic higher education.

Our aim is to bridge what is commonly divided: mind and heart, body and soul, the church and the academy. Admittedly, this is not easy to do and its final achievement is certainly beyond our ken. But to the extent that we are successful, if only in a limited way, to that extent we will be faithful to the Catholic and Dominican tradition that is meant to animate all that we do at Providence College.

We welcome your comments and suggestions, and rely on your prayers.

Volume 12, Number 1: September 2017

Volume 11, Number 2: February 2017

Volume 11, Number 1: September 2016

Volume 10, Number 1:  September 2015

Volume 9, Number 2:  January 2015

Volume 9, Number 1:  September 2014

Volume 8, Number 2: January 2014

Volume 8, Number 1: September 2013

Volume 7, Number 2: January 2013

Volume 7, Number 1: September 2012

Volume 6, Number 2: January 2012

Volume 6, Number 1: September 2011

Volume 5, Number 2: January 2011

Volume 5, Number 1: September 2010

Volume 4, Number 2: January 2010

Volume 4, Number 1: September 2009

Volume 3, Number 2: January 2009

Volume 3, Number 1: September 2008

Volume 2, Number 2: January 2008

Volume 2, Number 1: September 2007

Volume 1, Number 2: January 2007

Volume 1, Number 1: September 2006